All 50 United States License Plates Ranked

License plates in the United States can be quite interesting if you consider the meaning behind each one they have.

All 50 United States License Plates Ranked

License plates in the United States can be quite interesting if you consider the meaning behind each one and the level of creativity they have. While some may appear as a way of representation of their state, there are pointless combinations, too. That is, people would consider some as a way of showing off their state. Even so, others can’t even be close to being artistic. Wonder which? Luckily, we’ve gathered all of them together in one article.

So, let’s first understand why license plates have different colours and themes.Vehicles are number-coded because it shows the way it is used on the road. For example, yellow and red show that the vehicle has temporary registration. Make sure to learn more about the meaning behind each colour and theme.

Why does the plate design matter?

Simply because it kind of shows how creative each person is. Sounds like a competition, right?

Let’s discover how artistic each state is and how their committees have come up with design ideas. Let’s get started!

South Carolina

The tree and the moon play very well together over the mountain background. Let’s also note that the state doesn’t require a front license plate. Perfect, right?

New Mexico

The first thing that grabs our attention is the vibrant colours that excite us and bring in a happy feeling. Simple and bright!


What state has the best number plate? Well, it’s Wyoming with its cowboy on the mountains and the sky background. It couldn’t even get better!


This is among those that require 2 plates. It has a bright design.


Colorado also requires two. The attractive colours and the mountain graphics used make it one of the most creative ones.


Arizona doesn’t require front ones. It has mountain graphics and a sweet background theme.


With its softness, it is on the top.


Ever wondered what the rarest state plate is? Well, with its vintage-looking theme that’s a perfect classic. Alaska takes pride in being the rarest.


The “Scenic” plate is simply unique with its picturesque sunset, warmness, and the potatoes, of course.


Perfectly simple and extraordinary with cute birds and flowers.


Let’s just agree that the canoe says it all!


The “Treasure State” holds it really simple, yet magnificent!


Simply relaxing with notes of art and music.


Alabama holds the nickname for the coolest license plate. Would you agree?

North Carolina

The mountains, the snow, the flight… It’s just simplicity combined with uniqueness.


All you will see is the colour green.


The beautiful pelican behind the warm background. Capturing!


The Christmas tree and the mountains say it all!

North Dakota

We just love the bison and the sunset.


What’s the ugliest license plate? It would probably be Delaware…Oops


Everyone loves peaches and pastels.


The warm yellow and the simple birdie make it all!

South Dakota

Mount Rushmore and a little boldness.


Do you think the red, white, and blue is an accident?


This state has perfectly combined minimalism.

New Hampshire

This one’s perfect for wood lovers and perfectly represents the state.


It is exactly what we would expect: farm, bright sky, nature…


The “Sunshine State” holds warm orange perfectly.


Even though it looks a little bizarre, we still love the simplicity.


The only thing worth saying is unique and magnificent.

Rhode Island

The “Ocean State” shows the wave of a tsunami and takes pride in it. It couldn’t get any better.


We just love how Kansas embraces the giant state-seal.


Is it a massive diamond? All white? We’re not sure what makes this design stand out.


Well, we would expect Hawaii to somehow embrace its shades.


The numbers are in light grey and the iconic slogans perfectly blend in with them. We can all agree that this is a perfect choice.

West Virginia

“Wild, wonderful” is the perfect way to describe what WV represents.


“America’s dairyland” takes pride in being itself by demonstrating the boat, sun, and birds. The bright background and the relaxing theme add up as well.


While we all expected to see the famous arch, we still love the overall design.


Who doesn’t love nature? Well, Indiana holds an ideal option for forest lovers.


“The Golden State” simply had to hold one of the most unique and iconic plates.


Purity, simplicity, warmth…


The blueprint screams FRIENDLY!

New York

Here we see the famous Statue of Liberty.


A little mysterious and why do we see the website? Interesting.


The “Constitution State” tried to keep it practical, but we would expect something more creative, right?

New Jersey

Even though it looks a little confusing, we still love the golden background.


Virginia clearly doesn’t care!


The “Lone Star State” is quite predictable.


What is the oldest license plate? The Massachusetts one is the oldest and dates back to 1903. Impressive, right?


Out of paint or out of creativity? Which one is it?

Hope you now have some representation of which plate could go after which one. To help you out a little more, let’s also note that the states requiring 2 plates (guess they are a little more creative) are AK, CA, CO, CT, HI, IA, Il, MA, ME, MO, ND, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OR, UT, VT, WA, WI.

In addition, if you’re wondering whether or not you need to get a front plate, here’s a small list of all the states that don’t require the front one: AL, AZ, AR, DE, FL, IN, KS, GA, LA, MI, MS, NM, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, WV.

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