Who We Look For?

License Search is looking for professionals to join its team and work on inspiring missions. We are looking for ambitious, persistent and purposeful individuals. If you want to join our team, it's time to introduce you to the steps of our hiring process.

Why Work For Us?

You can work remotely or as a freelancer. The benefits of working remote and freelance:

  • No need to commute
  • Business dress code canceled
  • You can work anywhere
  • Zero interaction with unpleasant people
  • Master of life: convenient work schedule and time for yourself
  • Balance in life
  • Breaks on demand
  • Financially independent: not tied to wages
  • Control over earnings
  • Different sources of income
  • Increased motivation
  • Financial security
  • More efficient work activity


License Search strives to be an attractive employer, committed to recruiting and developing a diverse range of talents and making the most of the rich experience, knowledge, and potential of its employees.

Our aim is to create a truly inclusive workplace where people respect diversity in teams, consider other people's viewpoints, and feel free to be themselves.