Alabama Plumbing License: Everything You Need to Know

Our article will answer all your questions connected to the procedure of getting an Alabama Plumbing License.

Alabama Plumbing License: Everything You Need to Know

For legally performing any plumbing job in Alabama, you must have state authorization. To keep the public safe and healthy, a state requires a minimum amount of education and competency for plumbers. Before applying, you should obtain a certificate issued by the Plumbers and Gas Fitters Examining Board of Alabama. Out-of-state certificates are not valid in AL, and you have to obtain certificates issued by the state.

Our article will answer all your questions connected to the procedure of getting an Alabama Plumbing License.

Everything about AL plumbing license 

Before applying for public certification, you have to pass two years of education on plumbing. However, according to the Statistics of the U.S. Bureau of Labor, employment in the sphere of this profession, is going to grow 4% from 2019-to 2029. Today AL has more than 6,700 professionals in this field.

There are three different levels of plumbing licensure available in this region: apprentice, journeyman, and master. Each stage has its unique requirements and regulations. Find below the detailed description of each level.

These categories also exist in Alaska.


You have to fill out a special registration form, provide proof of US citizenship or legal form of Non-Citizen, and pay a $25 registration cost. Being a trainee, you have to operate under the supervision of a tradesman or contractor. You can’t go and begin work by yourself. While operating under supervision, you can do repairs, pipe fittings, and general tasks.

After gaining two years of experience, working under the supervision of a certified employer, you may apply for the next level of tradesman. You can also get the 2-year experience through the board-approved apprentice training program. Find training on the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship website. 


After 2 years of working as an authorized trainee or after completing the relevant educational training and college programs, you can apply for the Journeyman Exam. Fill out the special application form for examination and submit it along with a $110 payment (non-refundable). Then, you will receive Exam Eligibility notice, where you can find regulations on PSI Testing Services.

From the date of the approval, you have only a month to take the exam. If you don’t go for examination within a month, you have to proceed an application again and repay the fee.

After taking the exam successfully, you have 90 days to proceed with an online application for Certification of Journeyman. Visit PGFB’s online portal, enter your last name and last 5 digits of your social security number and follow the instructions.

You may also use this package, along with the $50 Initial Certificate cost, and send it by mail to:

Plumbers and Gas Fitters Examination Board

216 Aquarius, Suite 319

Homewood, AL 35209

Tell. 205-945-4857


This stage requires a minimum of a year of job experience as a craftsman under the supervision of a Master Plumber. After completing the yearly experience, fill out the same examination form as for the Craftsman certificate and submit it with a $160 fee (non-refundable). Then, you are to receive the Exam Eligibility Notice and schedule the testing.

NOTE: From the date of approval, you have only 30 days to take the testing. Otherwise, you have to pass all the procedures again.

Within 90 days of successfully passing the testing, you have to apply for Master Certification. Do it with the online portal of PGFB or use the same package and submit it with a $150 Initial Licensure Fee. The PGFB’s Online portal and the package are the same as in the above-mentioned licensing stage.

After obtaining public authorization for this sphere, you can do plumbing jobs on your own and even practice as a supervisor for a student. You have to follow the latest regulations and amendments of plumber codes.


If you are a foreign professional of this sphere with a license of your state, you are allowed to pass the corresponding classification here. Check out more information on license reciprocity at the PGFB website.


In AL, professionals of this sphere must have insurance to legally operate in the state. This means that either the company has to provide it to the employees or the employees must have the minimum amount of insurance.

  • For the damage of property – $300,000
  • General liability insurance – $100,000

You have to provide a copy of your valid insurance to the responsible governmental agency.

Renewal Procedure

Alabama plumbing license renewal has to be done once a year. Each stage has its unique amount of payment to be charged.

  • $25 for Apprentice
  • $50 for Journeyman
  • $150 for Master

In conclusion, we want to say that maybe it will last years of hard work to become an experienced professional in this sphere. However, after completion of the training and obtaining experience in all levels, you will be paid double for each hour of work.

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