Arizona State Board of Cosmetology practical exam

To get an Arizona Cosmetology License, one must complete the continuing education requirements and pass the Exam.

Arizona State Board of Cosmetology practical exam

To get an Arizona Cosmetology License, one must complete the continuing education requirements and pass the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology Practical Exam. It enables you to apply for the license. So, who is eligible to take it?

To be able to take the Cosmetology Board Exam, the applicant should be an AZ resident and meet the overall requirements set by the state. The first thing you should do is to fill in the request form, submit the proof of identity, proof of residence as well as the other required documents such as training certificate, etc. The training course must be recognized at a state level and include theory as well as the practical part. There is also a fee applicable that you pay directly to the local office. Besides, you must also complete at least 500h of aesthetic, 1000h of hairstyling, 1450h of cosmetology, and 500h of nail technology licenses.

How to register for the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology practical exam?

After checking if you’re available or not, your next step is to register for testing. The registration is done by the Professional Credential Services portal. First of all, go through the website and find the Applicants section.​​ Then select Cosmetology and Barbering and choose the permit type. After completing all these steps you have to make a payment of $177.

But it’s not the end. You must also request the board. Before you proceed with the application make sure you have passport photos, graduation documents, ID, and residency papers already. Make a payment of $60 to finish.

Whenever you have completed all these steps, you will receive an email with the date and time in it. The email will also contain a brief introduction on how to take a test, what do you need to have with you, etc.

Some things you need to pay attention to

You need to arrive 1 hour to 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. If you don’t know English, you can pass the written part also in other languages (Korean, Spanish, etc.) You need to answer the multiple-choice questions via computer within 90 minutes.
Take into account that the duration of the test may vary based on the type and criteria. For each activity, the jury gives you 10 minutes to prepare the customer.

The results will be available within 10 business days after the test day. You have to score at least 75 to successfully pass the exam. AZ accepts NIC certificates only. If you have failed, you can re-apply as many times as you need within a year. However, you should pay all the fees.

Check the available examination centers with your local office.

Note: You cannot pass a test unless you’ve completed the education for both (theory and practice) parts.

What if I have not completed my education in AZ but want to take an exam here?

If you have passed the practical education in another region of the U.S you can transfer it to AZ either via reciprocity program or pass an exam there and transfer the out-of-state license.

It usually takes up to 4 weeks to process the documents. You will also need to pay $90 for it.

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