The Full Guide to Getting Licensed as a Contractor in Arkansas

Finding a specialist or starting a business as a contractor requires a thorough understanding of Arkansas contractor license classification.

The Full Guide to Getting Licensed as a Contractor in Arkansas

Running a contractor business in Arkansas is worth trying. The advantages of having your own company are obvious. You can choose what project to start. In this case, you also are responsible for the logistics and unexpected expenses. This means you need experience and knowledge to proceed. However, what’s more, important you need written proof that is Arkansas Contractor License.

No matter how experienced you are, having a license is a number one requirement. The first thing to know is to learn more about Arkansas contractor license classifications. The permits here vary by project and cost. So, before writing a business plan, go deeper into details. Choose the best fit and find out how to handle the process. For this reason, this article will be your easy-to-understand guide on how to start.

Who needs the Arkansas contractor license?

Let’s inspect the main requirements that differ according to the assignment. To begin with, all constructors launching a project of over $50,000 need to be authorized. An exception is when dealing with a single-family residence. This is usually any building that holds up to four residences.

A residential builder should have authorization if your costs are over $2,000. This also includes remodeling a single-family house. For example, it is about painting, roofing, or flooring.

Overall, the local licensing board is responsible for issuing any of the mentioned documents. You should also remember about consequences of functioning illegally. Anyone who practices without a permit may face a fine between $100-$200 per day.

The state has recently made some changes to simplify the process. A temporary certificate is available for some applicants. This also is in case a person has a permit from another state. He/she has to fill in temporary applications.

The agency also offers a professional to have a subcontractor registration certificate. This paper enables us to deal with a properly certified contractor.

Application process

No matter if it is a small office or a shopping mall, you have to prepare a package of documents. The exact requirements may differ according to the type. However, we tried to sum up the general points.

The essential necessary steps to complete are the following:

  • Fill in the application for the specific type of license
  • Provide 3 references to verify your experience
  • Submit a passing score on Arkansas Business and Law exam
  • Pay a fee of $100
  • Submit a bode of $10 thousand
  • Inform the board of the financial statement

Bear in mind, that if you have employees, active workers’ compensation insurance is a must. It’s important to have more information about the exam. It is a 50-question test that you have to complete in 2 hours. You can register at the nearest testing center or online paying a fee of $80. As for references, they must not be more than 90-days old.

How long does it take to get an Arkansas contractor license?

In general, the state urges to submit an application 3 weeks prior to the board meeting. The meeting dates are available on the agency’s website. Once received, the application must be completed within 90 days.

For veterans and a spouse of a person on duty, an expedited procedure is in place. Once papers are gathered, submit them by mail to the board directly.

What about a handyman?

As mentioned above, if a project costs less than $2,000, no document is needed. You do not need paper for basic handyman work. Of course, this works if the task does not require any other licensing.

The most relevant permit for a handyman is a home improvement license. There are both limited and unlimited categories. Limited means you cannot work on the constriction that values up to $50,000. This allows for performing repair tasks. It includes painting, installing siding, roofing, and so on. A special task like plumbing, electric work, or HVAC requires certification. By the way, you can get it through a different agency.

To sum up…

Building your own house sometimes becomes a never-ending lifetime project. Thus, many people trust the house of their dreams to professionals. According to some estimates, there are 15 thousand contractors in the state. But how do they find exactly the one? In most cases, checking the permit. Authorized professionals always have many advantages because the certificate signifies a competitive background and proof of knowledge. It makes you competitive in the market and speaks about your knowledge and expertise. It also enables you to develop your business at the highest level.

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