How can I know if an attorney is licensed in the state of Indiana?

Now let’s check some tips on how to find out if the attorney is licensed in Indiana. Taking these simple steps ...

How can I know if an attorney is licensed in the state of Indiana?

In reality, it is the lawyer who represents you in court. That’s why you must carefully select whoever you choose for a lawyer position. If that’s the case, you’ll need to conduct further research, but how?

Simple googling, or finding the personal account/site of an attorney will give you a lot of information. You can as well simply ask him to provide the job history, succeeded cases, etc.
Now let’s check some tips on how to find out if the attorney is licensed in Indiana. Taking these simple steps you insure yourself for the future.

First of all, check State Bar Profile

In the U.S every lawyer is listed on the State Bar site. The Linkedin profile headings, CV, websites, and other social media tools represent the professional and even include Esq. in their name. But whether it is true or not you need to reveal it only with the official websites.
State Bar is one of such tools. You just need to enter Indiana’s state bar association web page, enter the name or surname and bar number. The search results will show you some basic info about the individual such as contact info, criminal troubles if available, etc.

Use Search Engines to find out more

What do we do when we have a question? Right. We use search engines to learn the answer. So, it’s obvious we try to use Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine to find out more about your attorney.

Try to go deep into details so as not to have further troubles in court.

The results usually also bring up the lawyer’s Yelp account. Here you may see reviews, if there are any, about the professional.

Websites and Rating Groups

Nearly all the professionals have their websites or landing pages that will guide you on what services they provide and even you may see some reviews. However, web pages may not show the whole reality. Even the Yelp reviews can be not real. But there is a very effective tool such as a third-party group that will help you out. One of such groups is a Super Lawyer, where you may learn a lot of info and read real reviews.

Try license verification services

Nowadays, there are some websites offering services of licensee confirmation. You will just need to enter the name and surname in the special fields and find out if a person has a license.

In Indiana, no one can practice law until he or she is licensed. Indiana’s attorney and lawyer license isn’t that easy to get as the licensee should complete special training, take an exam with at least a 70% score, and also pass a background check. Make sure that the specialist you go to hire has completed all these steps and obtained a valid certificate.

To sum up…

As a matter of fact, you cannot be fully sure that the specialist is the right fit until you work with him. However, you may at least try to insure yourself with just these small steps. Try to find as much as possible and avoid problems in the future.

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