How do I look up my nursing license number in Michigan?

If after the due date they meet all the requirements the applicant can apply for a Michigan Nursing License.

How do I look up my nursing license number in Michigan?

To look up your Michigan Nursing License, you have to open the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website and do a quick search. It’s quite easy to look up and verify your permit in this way.

How to look up my nursing License Number?

First of all, you must open the web page. Note that the website works at its best with a laptop or a desktop. The mobile version isn’t that fast. The next step is to log in to your account. Below, in a “Record Number” section, you may see your License Number.

How to search for a MA nursing license?

To look for a MA nursing permit you need to open the LARA web page and fill in the required fields. This may help you whenever you need to show you have a permit, or you’re an employer who needs to verify his employee’s license.

For your information, LARA makes licensing and registration data available on this website to offer quick access to information for anyone who is interested. Web page admins update the info on the website every day. This is a very useful tool that helps you to get the right info about whom you need to work with. However, LARA doesn’t carry any responsibility for any errors and misunderstandings.

The required info you have to fill into are the following;

  • Name
  • Surname
  • License Number
  • County
  • Organization Name, if any.

Type of the license

In the results, you may notice different statuses. Let’s look at what they mean.

If the results of the search show “Temporary Foreign Waiver”, it means that the licensee has got the license during a pandemic. Thus, his or her certificate will not be valid whenever the Covid-19 restrictions won’t be available and the due date comes.

Whenever you see “Temporary Emergency”, that means the licensee has got the permit during the pandemic. However, it also means that he or she was not able to pass the required exam and thus it is valid only for half a year. If after the due date they meet all the requirements the applicant can apply for a Michigan Nursing License.

Frequently asked questions

Will my license be available after I have passed an exam?

No. The Board requires up to 8 weeks to process and submit your certificate. After that, they will update your status on LARA and you will be able to check your document on the site as well.

May I search the license only with the First name and a Surname?

Sure. However, there may be several results available. That’s why it’s more effective also to fill in the license number section.

Can I check if the license is valid?

Yes. Whenever you enter the details on LARA you can see the licensee, the due date, and the status of the permit. In some cases, you may also view the organization name if available.

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