How do I Request Kansas License Verification?

Before you go ahead with the licensure, it’s recommended to get acquainted with the special requirements and types of licenses in Kansas.

How do I Request Kansas License Verification?

In reality, you have two options to verify your license in Kansas; written and online. Both of them are easy and fast to do. You just need to submit a request to the headquarters of the Board.

Before you go ahead with the licensure, it’s recommended to get acquainted with the special requirements and types of licenses in Kansas. It enables you to save your time and know better where and how to start.

After you have completed the first step and decided to keep up with permit verification you should submit the following information;

  • KS license number
  • The issue date
  • The due date
  • Your ID

The online confirmation may be done by some websites such as KANN Check. The website gives you free access to instant verification. Anyone having a permit can just enter the required info fields and get the submission.

If you want to make a written inquiry, you will also need to make a payment of $30 for each verification. To submit a written inquiry you have to provide the number of licensures, proof of identification, and your contact info.

In case of any inquiries, you may contact Licensing Department of Kansas Board at 785 296 4929. Take into account that the processing takes at least 7 business days.

Each type of license has its requirements. It’s better to contact your local office. For example, for nurses, there is a special NCEES platform. You just need to open the system and make a request. After submitting, the platform sends a message to a jurisdiction. After that process, you will get an email with the confirmation.

In KS, architects, geologists, etc. can verify their permits with email or just a mail. Mailing address, thus, is;

KS State Board of Technical Professions
900 SW Jackson, Suite 507
Topeka, KS 66612

Take into account that the verification letter is sent to the Board directly. Then the Board will send it to the licensee.

You may also confirm the status instantly. You should just submit the data (licensee name, special number, etc.) and wait for the results. The printable version is available on the website.

License verification for your employee

KS has made it possible to ask for a confirmation for your employee as well. Thus, companies can directly check and verify the permits. The fees may vary from the type of license. For example, there is a $1.50 payment for nurses. The payment may be proceeded in cash or with checks and money orders. Online payments are not available. There is no form available to fill in. Each time you just need to send documents that the person works for you and attach their personal data (name, surname, etc.).

You can ask for a faxed form of submission. The submission contains first name, surname, issue, and due dates. If there is an alert code, it will also be included. The info for LPN with IV is also displayed, if available.

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