How much is a saltwater fishing license in Alabama?

The cost of a saltwater fishing license in Alabama varies depending on the residency status and duration of the license.

How much is a saltwater fishing license in Alabama?

Alabama is a paradise for anglers. It provides various opportunities with its rivers, lakes, and access to the Gulf and Mobile Bay. However, you cannot do it whenever and wherever you want. There are strict rules and permits for different activities.

The state's shoreline stretches for 60 miles. This is the reason angling is so popular here.  However, before buying a new hook, it's better to check how to get an Alabama saltwater fishing license. The process is not time-consuming. This article will teach you how to apply and get the document.

Types of Documents  

The basic types are freshwater and saltwater licenses. To avoid fines, be careful to inspect the map to understand what authorization you need. There are clear boundaries that are visible on the map. Besides, make sure that fishing is allowed in the location.  

There are several options:  

  • Gulf State Park Pier

  • Artificial Reefs

  • Coastal Boating Access Points

If a person catches a fish not covered by his/her license, the best option is to release it back. In general, there are fines for all types of violations. For instance, a fine for an angler having no permit is $50. For non-residents, the fine is $100.

Where to Apply?  

All information about angling in Yellowhammer State is available on one platform. The Outdoor Alabama website provides all the necessary details. It is the official website of the local Department of Conservation & Natural Resources.  

The Marine Resources Division is responsible for saltwater fishing. It conducts assessment and monitoring. Besides, the experts of the Division provide updates on season closures and other activities. Having offices in Gulf Shores and Dauphin Island, the Division is also active online. For example, the agency publishes a tide calendar.


All residents who are 16 and older need to have a recreational license to fish here. Of course, there are several exemptions.

No permit is required for:  

  • minors under 16

  • residents who are 65 and older

The annual documents are valid from September 1 through August 31. However, you also have an opportunity to purchase a seven-day trip authorization. When buying a document, an angler must present a driver's license. For non-drivers, an ID is necessary.

Angler Registration  

All those willing to catch, kill and possess fish in this jurisdiction need registration. This is a must for all residents aged 16 and older. On the positive side, it is completely free of charge. Besides, the registration process takes minutes. 

An applicant has to fill in the residency and birthdays form. The next step is to put a tick next to the “Saltwater Angler Registry”. Once finished, click “continue” at the bottom of the page. Fill in the remaining forms to complete the registration.

Licensing Procedure  

The online procedure is pretty easy. The only thing you need is a valid ID. It can be either a driver’s license, SSN, or passport. To explain, the applicant has to fill in general information. This includes birthdays and residency.

An applicant can also walk-in to any agent to buy it. There is a list of all authorized agents by city. Once filled in, it’s easy to instantly print the document. 

Another option is to view it using the Outdoor Alabama app. For those who choose cards, there is a variety of collectible hard cards. This will cost an additional $5.


The cost depends on whether the applicant is a local resident. For Alabamians, the annual fee is $26.50. There are special prices for fishermen coming from neighboring Florida – $48.15, and $129.15 for Louisiana. Natives of other states will have to pay $57. 

The seven-day trip permit is $11 for locals. There is a cheaper option for disabled and disabled veterans if they are residents. The fees are $3.20 and $3.30 respectively.

The Division also provides a lifetime option. It starts from $319.65. In general, the price depends on the applicant’s age.

In addition to purchasing, the Division’s website allows us to set up an auto-renewal for next year.  


Alabama offers a variety of recreational activities. It boasts of its exceptional sport fishing tradition. The top targets are red snapper, largemouth bass, tarpon, and many others. To proceed, be sure you have a legal license. This will help you avoid unnecessary penalties.

The procedures are easy to complete and are available online. Thus, nothing can distract you from exploring the state’s waterways.  

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