How Many Questions Are On The Louisiana Insurance Exam?

This article, thus, covers all the essential details of the Louisiana Insurance Exam process. It is going to break them down accordingly.

How Many Questions Are On The Louisiana Insurance Exam?

Have you been considering a career as an insurance agent? For this, you need an insurance license in Louisiana. How to get this? Well, you must pass an exam. 

This article, thus, covers all the essential details of the entire process. It is going to break them down accordingly.

This guide will also reveal how many questions are on the Louisiana insurance license exam. You'll also get clear information on how to obtain a license. 

Besides, the article dives into such specs as the duration, score, cost of the process, and more. So, if you're ready, keep on reading and exploring with us.

Louisiana Insurance License: General Information

Since March 6, 2022, prelicensing education has become not necessary in Louisiana. However, you would better take some preparation courses. This will help you with the exam. 

After you have completed the courses, schedule the test. For this, you must contact the PSI that manages the procedure in Louisana. It is, in other words, the state provider. To set up an exam, call PSI at 800-733-9267 or go to the official website.

For the next step after you schedule your primary insurance examination, you have two options to choose from; you can take it in person or you can take it online. 

The exam, in its turn, covers both general information about federal insurance products and more specific information about Louisiana insurance regulations. Therefore, it is important that you study both areas in order to pass the exam.

To keep it short, the general questions will assess your understanding of federal insurance products. As for the specific questions, they’ll evaluate your familiarity with Louisiana insurance laws.

Examinations Required Per License Type

There are various licenses and examination types, as well as various series and costs. The price of the exam, therefore, depends on the type of license. So, the information you need is provided below.

Health and Accident$38Producer102
Life, Health, and Accident



Property and Casualty$65Producer106
Personal Lines (Producer)



Ball Bond$15Producer108
Industrial Fire$15Producer110
Surplus Lines$15Producer112
Automobile Adjuster$15Claims Adjuster201
Personal Lines (Adjuster)$15Claims Adjuster202
Commercial Lines Adjuster$15Claims Adjuster203
Property and Casualty Adjuster$15Claims Adjuster204
Crop Adjuster$15Claims Adjuster205
Workers' Compensation Adjuster$15Claims Adjuster206
Public Adjuster$15Public Adjuster301

Concentrate on one exam at a time. Thus, you can allocate more of your energy to each one. By doing this, you will be better prepared for the exam when the time comes for you to take it.

Louisiana Insurance Exam Questions 

Depending on the type of insurance permit the number of questions differs. The list below details the number of questions accordingly:

  • 100 - Life
  • 100 - Health and Accident
  • 150 - Life, Health, and Accident
  • 100 - Property
  • 100 - Casualty
  • 150 - Property and Casualty


Equally important is the duration. That is to say, you must know this to plan your steps. Thus, the following list gives the necessary details:

  • Life - 120 Minutes
  • Health and Accident - 120 Minutes
  • Life, Health, and Accident - 160 Minutes
  • Property - 120 Minutes
  • Casualty - 120 Minutes
  • Property and Casualty - 160 Minutes

Now, you have a general understanding what steps are there to complete. So, you can plan ahead and take your time to prepare.

Score Explanation

Just giving the exam is not enough. First of all, you must gain the minimum passing score. In Louisiana, you should score at least 70% to successfully pass the test. After the test, the committee will send you an email. The latter, above all, will inform you about your results. Besides the results, it will give you other helpful information as well. For example;

  • in case you pass, you’ll get positive results,
  • in case you fail, they’ll send you an evaluative document outlining your strengths and shortcomings.

This, of course, will be very helpful if you decide to retest in the future.

If you need a copy, you can contact PSI at [email protected]. To receive this, you must indeed provide some documentation:

  • Your name
  • Confirmation number
  • Candidate ID number

Application Process

After all the steps mentioned above, you can already apply for a license. The National Insurance Producer Registry is responsible for this. 

The application fee is $75. Nevertheless, there is an exception. To clarify, portable electronics and surplus lines cost just $50.

Overall, the process is long and complicated, but not impossible. Above all, follow the instructions. Thus, you’ll achieve your goal.

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