Alabama Barber School Requirements You Should Know About

In Alabama, all barbers have to pass a special course before they can obtain a state permit and start to work in their profession.

Alabama Barber School Requirements You Should Know About

In Alabama, all barbers have to pass a special course before they can obtain a state permit and start to work in their profession. Actually, the state offers two types of programs to complete the educational requirements:

  • You must attend a proper educational institution and complete a barbershop program. In this case, you must complete at least 1000 hours of certified curriculum. 
  • The second situation is when you are required to finish a barbering apprenticeship. In this situation, you must finish at least 2000 hours of training. However, you must be supervised at all times by a licensed master with at least 5 years of experience in a field.

It is therefore up to you to decide which is more convenient for you. However, before enrolling in barber school, you should familiarize yourself with Alabama’s Barber School Requirements and create a checklist of your to-do list. The article here is a small guide on all the steps you have to take. But first things first, who is a barber?

What Does A Barber Do?

Nowadays, a barber is a hairdresser who works in contemporary men’s hairdressers and barbershops. He or she specializes in men’s haircuts as well as beard and mustache grooming. 

So in a barbershop, the specialist generally can offer you the following services: 

  • haircuts (both simple and elaborate for the nozzle)
  • beard shaving
  • hair and beard maintenance
  • manicure and pedicure. 

Men’s barbershop masters are not sidetracked by women’s haircuts, hairstyles, coloring, and other foolishness. They are constantly upgrading their skills in difficult areas such as men’s haircuts and shaving and can handle any challenging task.

Now, you might ask yourself a question: what qualities should I have to become a barber? First and foremost, it is a sense of style, as well as an awareness of current trends and customer preferences.  Given the circumstances, you are not only a master, but also a psychotherapist, a friend, and an excellent conversationalist. Even physically, this is not an easy job because the master must spend the entire day “on his feet,” working with his hands and head, using all of his ingenuity and dexterity. And all you need in terms of professional abilities is state-approved training and an Alabama Barber License

The Courses You Can Take…

As we have spoken about training requirements you may wonder what special training you have to complete before licensure. Actually, the main requirement is taking a state-accredited course. However, if you are just a beginner in this field you may first complete some online courses and see whether the profession suits you. Later, you must complete training courses in male stylist or hairdresser disciplines. Then you can start learning the profession by finding a mentor – an expert with extensive work experience and a good reputation who will teach you all the complexities of the trade.

The point is, if you have decided to meet the educational requirements, you must first verify whether the school is accredited and, if so, whether you are eligible for this. The Alabama Board of Barbering and Cosmetology updates the list of eligible schools and training standards nearly every year.

How Long Is Barber School?

If you want to do training rather than an apprenticeship, you must complete 1000 hours of full training, including theory and practice. Actually, enrolling in a full-time university requires approximately 25 work weeks. Some of them, however, offer part-time courses, allowing you to work and study at the same time. In this case, you have to study longer. 

How Much Does Barber School Cost?

The price has actually increased in recent years, but everyone can select a course that matches their financial requirements. As of the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, the costs range from $2.000 to $11.000 for a full course. Compared to Ohio, where the average cost is $6.000 Alabama offers really good opportunities. Calhoun Community College in Alabama, for example, requires a $1.000 payment for each semester for three semesters of study. 

Besides the actual education prices, you have to include the book prices (up to $500) as well as dormitory expenses, if applicable.

To sum up…

Working as a barber in Alabama can be actually profitable. However, you must take into account that there is a need for the initial investment to become a professional. Your education is the most significant stage and the most important duty. It is where you don’t have to save and where finding a good school is difficult. Most students prefer pre-educational courses to see if they are cut out for barbering and only then do they apply for a level up. If you consider it a waste of time, you can find an accredited institution and apply at the same time. Those who do not wish to study as much can participate in an apprenticeship program and adopt the “practice over theory” attitude.


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