Where to View New Hampshire Insurance License?

The New Hampshire Insurance license will not only allow you to work legally within the state.

Where to View New Hampshire Insurance License?

If you want to act as an insurance agent in New Hampshire, you must get a license first. No matter if you are interested in health, life, casualty, and property selling assurance the permit is a must for your legal work. There are certain steps to complete before applying for it. The New Hampshire Insurance license will not only allow you to work legally within the state, but also, you will have official proof of your skills. Thus, the income you gain from your work would be much higher. Actually, as previously stated, the licensure process is not difficult, but you must complete some basic steps. As a result, we have prepared a small article on the licensing process and vital things you should be aware of before submitting your application. The article also addresses the frequently asked question of Where to View New Hampshire Insurance License.

What Types of Insurance Licenses Exist?

The most common types of insurance licenses are

  • Property and Casualty including auto, home, business, etc.
  • Life and Health including Medicare, Health assurance, Annuities, etc.

The sphere of your activity mainly defines what type of permit you have to receive. So, you need to first do a quick research on the field of your expertise and then get to know the application process. 

How to Obtain New Hampshire Insurance License?

Before you move on to the process you should note that the NH Insurance Department regulates this industry in the State. This department promotes a good insurance marketplace by keeping and protecting corresponding laws in the state of New Hampshire. If you need any assistance then you may easily contact the fast-replying customer support via these phone numbers: (603) 271-2261, (800) 852-3416.

Let’s now pass on some points to complete for receiving your licensure.

First of all, you are required to complete a pre-exam education. The examination does not require certain credits before starting the test. So, preparing for the exam is up to you at all 100%.

The next step is handling a proctored test. This means that you have to take a separate exam for each nominated line of assurance in a strictly controlled environment. Also, it is crucial to note that each test attempt requires a certain fee to be paid. The fees vary beginning from $50 to $65.

Moving forward you need to apply for your licensure. The online application costs $215. After passing the testing you should wait almost 48 hours to present your application.

After that, the State starts to review your application. Also, you have to consider your background check. If everything is normal with your submission lines then it will be issued quickly. Any suspicious items in your background only slow down the process.

Where to View New Hampshire Insurance License Status?

The NH Insurance Commissioner in partnership with NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) provides a service for online verification both for public members and businesses. They can search, verify, and check the insurance producers, adjusters, and public adjusters’ license status.

In March 2020, the latest version of SBS (State Based Systems) was transitioned. This is a free app and a lookup tool. It allows checking:

  • National Producer Number (NPN)
  • NAIC CoCode
  • Training offers, etc.

Moreover, both individuals and businesses can create a licensee mailing list for a nominal fee. The licensees are also allowed to print the certificate, as well as the course transcript.

The viewers may notice essential announcements related to transitions of the State to the SBS latest version. For easier usage, there is an NIPR mobile app that enables users to access licensing and renewal information, etc.

What to Do After Getting New Hampshire Insurance License?

After passing the exams, applying for licensure, and successfully receiving it, some people ask a common question about what to do with it. There are different scenarios to use your insurance permission.

The first one is finding a job in a corresponding field. In addition, if you are going to sell products of life assurance then you will need security permissions, too.

Besides, it is essential to take into account renewing the said certificate. You should submit for renewal every two years. As well as it is essential to take continuing education courses before your certificate’s expiry date. It should last up to 24 credit hours. The renewal cost is $150 in addition to continuing education course costs.

Contact Details


NH Insurance Department

21 South Fruit Street, Suite 14

Concord, NH 03301

Phone Number

(603) 271-2261


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