Wisconsin Plumbing License Requirements

According to the state law, all plumbers should obtain a Wisconsin plumbing license so that they will be able to work.

Wisconsin Plumbing License Requirements

If you are living in Wisconsin and trying to get a state-issued plumbing license, this topic is exactly what you are searching for. In this topic, we will cover all the details concerning the issuance, renewal and payments. Everyone that wants to perform work as a plumber in WI needs to receive a license.

But only obtaining it is not a solution since you have to renew it annually. Besides, the fees and requirements differ according to each option. So, read carefully, to find the exact needed information here.

Wisconsin Plumbing License

According to the state law, all plumbers should obtain a Wisconsin plumbing license so that they will be able to work. Wisconsin offers two options: Journeyman and Master. In fact, they both are issued by the Safety and Buildings Division of The WI Department of Safety and Professional Services after passing the State Plumber Exam.

Every process starting from applying to practice requires certain steps. Continue reading to get all those points.


Generally, for a journeyman examination, all the applicants must have completed an apprenticeship program. The Department should identify that.

All together, the payment for a WI Journeyman plumber license is $30 and consists of a $10 application fee and $20 examination fee.

After passing the examination you probably have to pay a $180 fee for the certification. Note that there is a specific expiration date. Overall, when you pass it the paperwork is issued accordingly.


For a master plumber, you should complete the requirements for the method you are applying under. First things first, make sure you submit the application. On the first blank of the application, there is some information about the requirements for credentials. On the next page, submit the following data about you:

  • Full name
  • Address (including state, city, etc.)
  • Social Security Number
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Accordingly, on the third sheet of the blank, you must fill in the exact period of practice and after that, choose a date for your examination.

In fact, you should pay a $75 total fee. It consists of $20 for the application and $30 for the exam.

Application Process

First things first, applicants need preapproval from the state so that they can take the exams.
As a prerequisite to taking the Department of Commerce examination, the applicant must present proof of:

  • minimum 1,000 hours per year for at least three continuous years as an authorized journeyman; or
  • graduation from a certified engineering university or college with a degree in civil or mechanical engineering, or other approved curriculum.

In addition, the applicant has to get a score of 70% to obtain the credential.
After passing the exam make sure you pay a $500 certification fee. It is assessed since the latter expires on a particular date.


As a matter of fact, no business or individual is allowed to install plumbing unless they are considered to be the holder of a certification issued as a:

  • An authorized master (restricted),
  • An authorized journeyman (restricted),
  • A registered plumbing apprentice or learner (restricted)
  • A registered utility contractor or pipe layer.


Overall, for a Wisconsin plumbing license, blank forms are available from the Safety and Buildings Division. There you can find many details necessary for this process.

Licensing and Exams

Generally, licensing requirements are determined at the state level. They tend to vary slightly from other states.

After filling out the credential blank, you should schedule only one exam session at a time for each credential type. Applications will not be accepted if sent in for multiple examination sites for the same credential. Therefore, refunds will not be issued.

In many cases, the individual municipalities have to take the responsibility of imposing and regulating these requirements falls to individual municipalities. It is possible to check the necessities for the certification.

Additional Information

As you know, these certifications expire too. When mailing your renewal, please allow up to 21 calendar days from the date you are going to process it. In addition, you receive an update regarding your renewal.

If you get certified and work safely, you protect your own and others’ health, and show professional responsibility. For more information about certification, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website.

For more data, apply to…

Department of Safety and Professional Services

201 W. Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53703

Telephone number: 608-261-7713

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