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How to get a business license?

Struggling to find all types of business licenses, permits, and certificates your business needs to start its operation legally?

A business License simplifies things for you. We offer a business license research package specifically curated for your business allowing you to apply for a business license online.

In only 4 steps you will be able to find required licenses in your state. No matter if you own an LLC, small business, or corporation, we can help you out.

Choose your business location

Our team will gather all the licensing requirements for your specific area. This will allow you to easily apply and get all the licenses and start your business.

Tell us what your business does

Depending on your business area and what your business specifies, we will narrow down the list to only include the permits and licenses necessary for your business. The licensing requirements vary from industry to industry, business size and activity.

Get all the required licenses

LicenseSuite searches our national database of governmental licenses and permits data. Our experts can help you gather all the information needed and provide you with a business license package that you have to obtain to legally run your business.

Apply for your licenses

After having the whole package of licenses you will be able to apply for a business license on your own or with the help of professionals. Our experienced staff can assist you to gather all the required documents to avoid any errors or mix-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a business license?

Almost any type of company needs a business license to operate whether online or offline. Depending on the industry type at least one business license or a permit is required from the government to track businesses of all sizes in various areas and have a whole image of tax revenues.

Why do I need a business license?

You need a business license to legally operate in your state and avoid penalties from authorities. Business licenses allow governmental bodies to keep track of various business operations, their finances, revenues, etc. Business licenses also hold companies accountable for their activities and if needed take responsibility for their actions.

Are there different types of business licenses?

Yes, there are various types of business licenses. There are local, state, federal business licenses each having their specific requirements.

Local business licenses are required for taxation and/or to ensure your business location meets all the requirements.

State licenses enable businesses to operate under certain classifications and specialties. Usually, a standard business license (sometimes multiple ones) is needed.

Federal licenses are needed for some businesses such as finance, food, drug devices, cosmetics, firearms, and telecommunications.

What licenses do I need to start a business?

Depending on the state you are going to run your business and your business area, the licenses may vary. Commonly required licenses are: occupancy permit, health department permit, fire, and police department permit, sales tax license, and withholding tax registration.

Do I need multiple business licenses?

In case you have a single business but want to run them under different names, you don’t need multiple business licenses. However, if each of your businesses needs to be a separate legal company then you should have a separate business license for each, if you

  • Run two or more businesses under one license,
  • Operate all your business activities using one LLC name,
  • Register DBAs or commonly known as Fictitious Names.

When should I apply for a business license?

To start your legal operation in any state, you should get everything ready in advance. This means that you can’t sell, serve or start operating before getting licensed. Otherwise you may get penalized and fined as you violate the state regulations. Worst case scenario is you might not be able to operate at all.

As soon as you obtain all the required licenses, you can open your business to your customers without any issues. However, don’t forget about making their copies and keep track of the renewal dates.

Is a business license and LLC the same?

No, business licenses and LLC are not the same. Licenses permit you to operate in a certain area/industry in a specific state/jurisdiction. On the other hand, LLC makes your company official and legally-recognized.

LLC is not considered a business license. If you have an LLC you can’t operate it without a business license. However, if you have a business license you can still operate it as a sole proprietor. LLC is not the only choice for a business entity, you can have a corporation, enterprise, partnership, etc.

What institutions issue business licenses?

Federal, state, country, city, municipal governments issue licenses and permits. With our help, you will get a full business license package including what licenses are required by your state and where to apply.

Can you run a business without a business license?

Most companies can’t legally run their business without at least a single business license or permit (sales tax permit). You will most likely incur penalties. The specifics of obtaining a business license is different for each state and industry.

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