Federal Agriculture License

Federal Agriculture License

If you want to work legally in the business sphere of economy, you need to get a Federal Agriculture License. The state requires having a legal document to produce and sell products just as requires having a driver’s certificate to drive a car legally. Keep on reading if you want to get information about the whole process of getting this legal document.

What is an agriculture license used for?

The U.S is a country that highly appreciates the importance of having a strong economy. You can use your Federal Agriculture License to manage a produce business. Moreover, you can use this legal document  for farming purposes (producing products for both human and animal consumption).

An agricultural license proves that you meet all the requirements and work legally in this sphere. Besides this, it shows your customers that you are a serious business person and sets you apart from those not possessing this legal certificate. So, you have more opportunities for your career growth if you get this legal document.

How to get an agriculture license?

Most of the U.S states require having this certificate. You just need to meet some special requirements to get it. Yet, the process of getting this legal document is not as much complicated as you may think.

The steps to get your agricultural certificate

  1. Apply to get a Federal Agricultural License. Refer to the official webpage of the U.S Department of Agriculture to make an online application.
  2. Be at least 16 years old. If you are 17 and younger you must provide an authorization letter either from your parent or legal guardian. They must submit a Farm Work License Affidavit in your State. In case of being 18 or older, you have to provide proof of your age and identity. In order to prove your age and identity, you must provide all the important documents, like your birth certificate or passport, and Social Security Number.
  3. Pass the ID verification, knowledge, and vision tests. Make sure to present the document proving the completion of the Driver’s Education Course.
  4. Take the agriculture licensure exam by referring to your state’s Department of Agriculture.
  5. Pay the fees. The cost of getting this legal document can vary depending on the state you live in. It highly depends on the types of agricultural licenses you want to get as well.

However, You can’t use your authorised certificate to drive for personal purposes. You can use your Ag document to drive only for farming purposes.

When do I need a license from the Department of Agriculture for vegetables?

Every single person who wants to work legally and deals with the sale of fruits and vegetables, first of all, needs to get a legal document. An agricultural document comes to prove your legal right to operate in this particular business sphere.

There are some standards according to which you must get a Federal Agriculture License to have the legal right to buy or sell fruits and vegetables. So, if you buy or sell more than 2000 pounds of fruits and vegetables (either fresh or frozen) in a single day, you have to apply for getting an agricultural license. Truckers, processors, wholesalers, and foodservice firms belong to the group of companies and individuals who need to get a legal document proving your right to operate legally in this sphere.

If you sell at retail, you must get an agricultural license when your total invoice of fruits and vegetable purchases costs more than $230.000 in a year.

When do you have to renew a Department of Agriculture License?

If you want to succeed in the agricultural business sphere you must have a legal and valid document. For this purpose, you need to renew it. While some U.S states issue an agricultural license for more than one year, the majority of them require renewing it annually.

So, in general, you need to renew your legal document each year. Your state’s Department of Agriculture sends an application form at least 45 days in advance of your license expiration date. You must fill in this application form, complete credit card authorization, and tax identification. Then you must return it to the office. You can renew this document either by email or mail. The mailing and email addresses are:

Fort Collins Office
2150 Centre Avenue
Building B, 3W11
Phone number – 970-494-7478

The cost for renewing your legal certificate is $40. Keep in mind that the United States Department of Agriculture doesn’t accept payments by cash. You can pay with a certified check, cashier’s check, personal check, and with a Visa or MasterCard. Once you have completed filling in the application form and returned it to the office, you will get a copy of your certificate via mail.

If you don’t renew your agricultural document annually, it becomes null and void and you can’t use it anymore. In this case, you may face a legal penalty.

What is the penalty for not having an agriculture license?

If you want to work legally in the sphere of agriculture, your document must always be valid. However, if you still keep on working without an appropriate and valid agricultural certificate you can face a penalty. You will be charged an additional fee. The cost of working without a legal document will approximately be $1200. Besides this, you will have to pay about $350 for each day you don’t possess an agricultural license.

How can your name be taken off of the United States Department of Agriculture?

If someone is permitted to file a complaint against you, in all probability, you will have to deal with the United States Department of Agriculture. There are two options. Either you must pay money to the person who has filed a complaint against you or the Department will take your name off the list. In case of having your name taken off the list, you may think to go to another city and sign for a new license under another name. Sometimes, this tactic can work and you can become a registered co-operator of the Department. However, it is illegal and you will probably be subject to legal action.

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