Federal Aviation License

Federal Aviation License

You must have a Federal Aviation License to operate an aircraft just as you need a driver’s certificate to drive a car. It is quite important to get this kind of legal document nowadays. An aviation license proves that a person has a legal right to fly. Keep on reading if you want to get detailed information about getting a Federal Aviation License.

Where to get an aviation and power plant license?

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is a branch of the U.S Department of Transportation issues an aviation and power plant license. If you want to get this legal document you must be certified under 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 61. In case of flying commercial drones, you have to provide a certification under the 14 CFR Part 107. You can get more information about the Code of Federal Regulations by referring to this official webpage.

How to get an aviation license?

If you want to get an aviation certificate, first of all, you have to decide what you want to fly. FAA’s rules to get a pilot’s license greatly differ and depend on the type of aircraft you want to operate. The choice is between airplanes, helicopters, airships, gyroplanes, etc. Keep in mind, that if you want to fly only ultralight vehicles, you don’t have to get a special legal certificate for it.

The process of getting this legal document seems a little bit difficult. However, it is not so complicated in reality. Moreover, you don’t have to be a U.S citizen to get this certificate. No matter you are a citizen or not, you still have to meet special FAA eligibility requirements and pass all the important tests to get this legal document.

The steps to get your aviation license

If you want to get this legal document, you must follow these steps:

  1. Be at least 18 years old. You have to be able to read, write and speak. No matter you are a U.S citizen or not, you have to at least understand English.
  2. Search for pilot schools. First, you have to research the flight training options you have. You can get detailed information about pilot schools authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration by referring to this official webpage.
  3. Take a training flight. You must complete an Introductory Training Flight to get acquainted with an aircraft and the whole process of flying.
  4. Apply to get the FAA Medical Certificate. First, if you want to get an aviation document you must meet all the important medical requirements. You must schedule an online appointment with the Aviation Medical Examiner and fill in this application form. The cost for getting a medical certificate is $75-$200.
  5. Pass three tests. You have to pass knowledge or written (General, Power plant, Airframe), oral and practical tests. The cost of taking a knowledge test is $140-$165 depending on the state you live in. You must pay $350-$550 for taking a practical test.
  6. Pay the fees. Keep in mind that the cost of getting a pilot’s certificate highly depends on the types of licenses you want to get. For instance, the cost for a private pilot license is $10.000-$20.000. Commercial Pilot’s License costs $25.000-$35.000. However, the average cost to get a Federal Aviation License ranges from $5000 to $35.000.

What documents do you need during a flight?

You can operate an aircraft if you have a pilot’s license. However, you have to carry some other important documents during a flight. You must have an ID photo issued by the government, an aviation certificate, and a current valid medical certificate.

Can you fly without an aviation license?

If you want to have the right to fly legally without any restrictions, of course, you have to get an aviation license. You don’t have to get this legal document if you operate only ultralight vehicles.

So, it is quite easy to understand that if you want to fly without a valid legal document and a medical certificate you will probably be subject to legal action for it. Federal Aviation Administration carries out random checks to see the availability of all the important documents.

According to the FAA, flying without a legal document can result in getting a warning letter of the revocation of your current pilot’s license or a valid medical certificate.

How long does it take to get an aviation license?

How long it takes to get this legal document highly depends on two main factors. First is the type of license you want to get. The most common types of aviation licenses are Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Certified Flight Instructor (CFL), Instrument Rating, Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), Sport and Recreational, and others.

The second important factor is how often you want to take flying lessons to get this legal document. So, it is quite easy to understand that the more often you take these flying lessons, the less it will take to become a professional pilot and get your certificate.

Within two months you can get a private pilot’s certificate. You will need three months to get Commercial Pilot’s and Instrument Rating certificates. Finally, the total duration for getting your legal document is 7 months.

Do you have to renew your Federal Aviation License?

Most of the types of licenses (driver’s, marriage, etc.) must be renewed and it is required by the state. However, you don’t have to renew a pilot’s certificate.

There is no technical expiration date on this legal certificate. In simple words, once you meet all the important requirements and have already got this legal document, you will always have the right to fly.

However, if you want to fly legally you must have a flight review (every 2 years) and a current valid medical certificate. You must have a flight review with a professional instructor to be sure you still have proficiency in this sphere.

Although this certificate never expires, it can be revoked by the FAA in case of getting a complaint against you.

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