Federal Firearms, Ammunition, and Explosives License

Federal Firearms, Ammunition, and Explosives License

FFL (Federal Firearms License) allows people to deal with or engage in the business of firearms, ammunition, gun, cannon, etc.

The business includes making or manufacturing firearms, selling, export, and import.

In this article, you will find information about FFL and Explosives licenses. Also, more information is related to the above-mentioned licenses.

FFL types and their costs

There are 9 main types. The costs vary depends on what types you want or what purposes you use it for.

Talking about FFL costs, you may consider some other features, too:

  • Renewal and application costs
  • SOT (Special Occupational Taxpayer) registration cost.

Application cost

FFL application fees vary from $30 (Type 03, 06 FFL) to $150-$200 (Type 01, 02, 07, 08 FFL) and $3000 (Type 9, 10, 11) for 3 years term.

Renewal cost

Both in the case of application and renewal, costs are different according to their types.

Manufacturer and dealer license (Type 07) is cheaper than the dealer (Type 01) only.

As for renewal, until the three years term ends up, you should renew your FFL. In the fourth year, the Type 01 renewal will cost $290 and Type 07 will cost $300.

Unfortunately, not only the application fee you need to pay for. But also, there are extra taxes.

SOT registration cost

For dealing with NFA firearms (National Firearms) you should be registered as a SOT. Silencers, machine guns, short-barreled rifles are considered NFA firearms.

According to your license type, you need to become Class 1, 2, 3 SOT.

The fee for making NFA costs $200.

Sometimes, individuals prefer to become SOT to avoid extra taxes. You can pay only $500 once a year.

Moreover, it’s a great and profitable opportunity to be a SOT. Being a SOT, you save money after getting the third NFA within a year.

So, as you can see, FFL costs depend on their different types and their purpose of use.

If you want to deal with standard firearms, then choose Type 01. You may become a Federal-Firearm Licensee for $250.93.

$200 for ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives), $49.95 for getting a course, and 49 cents for two postage stamps.

For making guns, choose Type 07. In this case, the license will cost $200 within the first three years as well as for renewal, afterward.

FFL for personal use

Getting your own FFL is a great advantage. Its main purpose is to buy firearms at a cheaper cost for personal use.
Before the license is complete, you need to review your collection and realize if there is an item you want to sell.

After becoming an empowered firearm dealer, you must separate the products for sale and register them in your “A&D” (Acquisitions and Dispositions) book. In order to buy firearms, you must keep them away from displayed items that are intended to sale.

So, you can get FFL for personal use, but you need to have business intent.

Four steps for getting FFL

To get an FFL will take you some hour’s effort and less than $200. Thus, you are a licensed firearms business owner. The above-mentioned steps include:

  1. You need to consider whether you qualify for FFL or not
  2. You should choose the type, its application, and the renewal fee. In order to avoid troubles with ATF, you will need to be sure you did everything right.
  3. There are some important ATF rules that you have to know. Due to online FFL courses, you will overcome everything easily
  4. After that, you are already a licensed responsible person.

Explosives license cost

An explosives license allows a licensee to deal with the business of manufacturing, transporting, and receiving explosives.

Explosives are chemical mixtures that contain oxidizing and burning substances. They may cause pressure of strongly heated gases, human lives annihilation.

An explosive license costs $200 which is available for 3 years. The renewal costs $100. Preliminary limited permission provides 6 separate scripts in 12 months. It costs $25 and $12 for renewal.

Explosives license necessity

This kind of license is important to get for manufacturing. Manufacturing activities include making, reprocessing, or gathering explosives.

Also, it is required for explosives storage. Except in the case of small quantities or short-lasting explosives.

License for ammunition manufacturing

Federal laws demand the existence of a license to manufacture ammunition.

If you intend to start an ammunition manufacturing business, you must apply and get a license from the Attorney General. The application must include information about licensing jurisdiction. In addition, it includes a photo and fingerprint of the applicant.

Each applicant must pay for getting an ammunition license.

And also, extra fee for the place, where the applicant intends to start a business. If the applicant deals with manufacturing firearms or ammunition, then the fee is $10 for a year.

License for ammunition sale

Federal law doesn’t provide any license for selling ammunition.

Six states accepted laws to control ammunition sales and demand buyers passing an inspection.

New York and California demand buyers passing a background checkup. Other states require a proper document or permission to buy ammunition. Also, some states restrict ammunition entry by dangerous people or people at a certain age.

Some people cannot own or apply ammunition and firearms. Thus, cannot get an FFL license.

People cannot get a firearms license in the following cases:

  • If the person is a criminal or engages in a crime
  • In case of being convicted more than a year. No matter how many days he/she was in prison (even a day)
  • A person, who is an escapee
  • Illegal dealer of any substance under control
  • People, who have mental issues
  • The refuser of U.S. citizenship
  • Domestic violence committer

Besides, there are some requirements about the place of residence. If a person lives in an apartment in New York, he/she cannot receive an FFL by ATF.

But, if your residence can receive an FFL, ATF will approve you to have a firearms license.

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