Federal Mining and Drilling License

Federal Mining and Drilling License

If you want to work legally in the mining sphere, then you must get an appropriate document for it. By getting a Federal Mining and Drilling License you can perform so many important activities like exploration, mineral trading, processing, and mining. Moreover, possessing this legal certificate will give you various mineral rights under the Mining Act. Keep on reading, if you want to get detailed information about the whole process of getting this legal document.

Applying for a Mining License

Qualifications for getting mineral rights

So, first of all, if you want to get this legal document, you must meet all the important requirements. In order to obtain mineral rights you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have never been convicted for dishonesty throughout the last 10 years.
  • Provide a trustworthy background. You shouldn’t have been bankrupt.
  • Not be an individual having a failure in fulfilling duties concerning your mineral rights.
  • Have at least 4 years of residency in the particular country or state.

Steps to get a mining permit

The process of getting this certificate is not so difficult. Yet, you must meet some special requirements. If you want to get this legal document, you have to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, fill in the mining permit application form. Here you must fill in your name, current address, provide legal information of a requested land and answer some other specific questions.
  2. Prove to be at least 18 years old by providing your Birth Certificate or passport.
  3. Provide necessary information. This information includes:
    • A report providing all the exploration results for a mineral resource.
    • The map of the area for which you request this legal document.
    • An annual detailed account of your further work program.
  4. Pay the fees. Keep in mind that the cost for getting this legal document varies depending on the state you live in. So, you can know the precise cost for your mineral permit only after submitting the whole application process.

Mining PE License

PE stands for a Professional Mining Engineer. Some states don’t require having a PE Federal Mining and Drilling License to operate in this sphere. However, if you want to stay in this industry for a long period, you can get this specific document. PE license gives you credibility and more opportunities for career growth.

If you want to get your PE Certificate

You must pass the Professional Engineering Mineral Processing Exam. You have 9.5 hours to complete the test. The test contains 85 questions.

The cost for taking this exam differs depending on the state and licensing boards. However, the approximate cost for getting your PE certificate is $375.

PC Mining on a License

First of all, mining applies to a mathematical process. So, this process helps a computer to create new cryptocurrency coins and register blockchain transactions. Either graphic cards or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) are used by Cryptocurrency Mining Pcs to perform different mining actions.

In a word, miners get the opportunity to produce digital coins and get money for them.

A Water License in Yukon for mining

You must get a water license issued by the Yukon Water Board if you want to perform different types of activities for water usage and a deposit of water waste.

You must apply and fill in the online application form to get this legal document. The application forms are available on the official webpage of the Yukon Water Board. However, if you have remaining questions, here is the contact information:

The costs to get a Water License for mining

The cost for getting this type of document is $30. There is a separate deposit cost for the use of water for the first year.

However, besides this, there are some extra costs, if you want to renew your legal water document. If you want to renew your document for 1 to 5 years you must pay $250. In case of renewing your document for 5 to 10 years, you have to pay $500. There is a separate cost for amendment. This is $150.

Water Well Drilling License

Well, Federal Mining and Drilling License will allow you to fix or install water pumps or wells. You can do it by drilling, cementing, boring, excavating, and cleaning. So, you perform this procedure to supply uncontaminated water.

If you want to get a Well Drilling License

You have to pass a general drilling examination. Besides this, you have to pass at least one more specialized drilling exam.

Each test includes 50 questions. You have to complete the test within 1 hour. In case of scoring at least 70 percent, you will pass the exam.

The cost for taking these two exams is approximately $275 depending on your state and licensing boards.

Installing a front license plate without drilling

Most of the states require driving with a front license plate. So, if you want to install a front license plate without drilling, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, take off the screws in the bracket securing your license plate. In case of not having screws, try to pick them up from an automobile store.
  2. Second, align the frame of the basket to the license plate.
  3. Third, try to align your front license plate with the bracket holes.
  4. Finally, tighten your screws to the bracket holes and a front license plate.

Once, you have done all the above-mentioned steps, you have submitted the installation process without drilling.

Federal Mining and Drilling Permit Renewal

If you want to work legally in this sphere, then you must always have a valid legal document.

When you apply for renewing your legal document, you mustn’t forget about these points. Either you must be mining or should have mined and just want to restart the process.

You can use your drilling permit for up to 20 years. This permit can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

The cost for a Federal Mining and Drilling Permit

The fees for getting this legal document vary greatly depending on your state and licensing boards. The cost ranges from $400 to $10.000. You can refer to the official webpage of the U.S Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management for more details.

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