Cosmetology License

Cosmetology License

A career in the beauty industry offers a great deal of variety. The industry is fast-paced and you will not be doing the same exact thing every day. Besides, a lot of top leaders in the industry get the big pay-check and the job is pretty much worth it.

It is illegal to practice as a cosmetologist without a valid license and your first step must be obtaining it. Every state in the US has its own rules and regulations concerning cosmetology licensure. Nonetheless, most rules are similar to one another, as they all touch on compulsory training, cosmetology schools, and experience.

Things you can do with your cosmetology license

As a licensed cosmetologist, your license can let you make people feel and look their best. You may try your hand in the fields of hairstyling, nail and makeup artistry, as well as skin care.

  • Becoming a hairstylist is one of the most common and rewarding career choices. In addition, a cosmetology license will allow you to work as a hair colorist, personal stylist, and hair braider.
  • A nail technician is the second most popular field for cosmetologists, as qualified nail artists are in high demand. The cosmetology license will give the opportunity to practice manicure and pedicure in a salon. Furthermore, you can open your own beauty center, which will specialize in nail artistry and care.
  • Another popular career choice is being a makeup artist, as the sphere is growing day by day. There is high demand for skilled and professional makeup artists, who follow fashion trends, as well as take care of hygienic rules.
  • Last, but not least is specializing in skin care and taking care of the appearance of a client’s skin. The scope of work includes doing facials, treating different skin conditions, fighting against skin problems, and so on.

Finding your cosmetology license number

If you do not know your cosmetology license number, you can do a license lookup. Just visit the official website of your state Board of Cosmetology and use the license lookup tool provided by the page.

As a rule, you will need to provide your name and last name, state, city, and license type. In some cases, you will also need to clarify the search purpose (for example, person, school, or salon).

Once you follow the instructions, you will find the license number, as well as verify its status.

The same tools are used for license verification and provide a wealth of information about the license holder or the salon. Thus, if there is a need to check a cosmetologist’s credentials, you can turn to these search mechanisms.

Transferring a cosmetology license

When a licensed cosmetologist wants to practice in another state, a question of license transfer may pop up. A cosmetologist is likely to wonder whether she will need to complete the same requirements again or not.

The first method of transferring a license is by reciprocity agreements. These agreements are contracts, which allow a licensed cosmetologist to work under the license in another state. Accordingly, one must check in advance if the other state accepts her license. In case it does not, other ways of licensure can be found.

In the long run, it is also preferable to contact the State Board of Cosmetology and check whether they have specific requirements or not.

The second method is applying for the license by endorsement. This way you will not have to complete training hours and examinations again providing that you hold a valid license. To clarify, there is no need to meet the new state’s licensing requirements in order to get it.

To apply by endorsement, an applicant must:

  • Hold a current valid license
  • Submit an endorsement application
  • Have completed professional training hours
  • Demonstrate proof of completed examinations

What type of degree is a cosmetology license?

Answering the question of a cosmetology degree, we can distinguish by the level of education and the status of the licensee. To clarify, each person must meet some educational requirements before being eligible for the license. It is possible to get a cosmetology diploma and graduate from an approved program.

In addition, there are three programs: certificate, diploma, and associate. The cosmetology diploma is relatively easier to accomplish and the program is less demanding.

The certificate degree is accomplished through completing a certificate program and it is the fastest way of becoming a cosmetologist.

The associate degree is actually the highest level and the courses cover lots of information starting from general knowledge to hands-on experience.

Given these facts, it would be interesting to mention that there is also a master cosmetologist and regular cosmetologist distinction. The former is a top-tier professional, who offers a wider range of quality services. The latter, on the other hand, is the regular cosmetologist, who offers services in salons.

Steps to get a cosmetology license

It does not matter which beauty aspect you choose, as completing some licensing steps is required for all. Below you may find the steps, which lead to your dream career of creating beauty.

Step 1: Cosmetology school

Once you have decided to pursue this career path, you should find a suitable beauty school and attend it. The school will supply you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Moreover, you will get to practice your skills on models and mannequins in order to improve your working methods.

Step 2: Application

It is possible to apply for the license while you are still attending your studies or are in the last semester of school. However, not all schools provide this opportunity.

Sometimes an application for examinations is considered to be a license application as well and there is no need to apply again.

Step 3: Examinations

The next important part of licensure is taking required examinations, which cover everything that you have learned. In addition, you must also bring your own supplies so that you can demonstrate your skills for the practical part.

Step 4: Continuing education

Completing continuing education is an essential part of the beauty industry, as trends change every day. It is always useful to stay in touch with current styles in order to provide better and more professional services.

How long does it take to get a cosmetology license?

The time it will take you to get a cosmetology license mainly depends on the licensing process of the state. The process typically includes enrolling in an approved cosmetology program, taking examinations, and applying for the license.

If you engage in an associate degree program, it will take you two years to finish. Other programs, on the other hand, are shorter to complete and you will get the license sooner.

Then, you will need to spend some time gaining practical experience on real-life clients. After that, it will take you some time to take the required examinations and apply for the license.

To sum up, you will need to spend from two to four years to become a licensed cosmetologist. The easier it is to earn your degree the shorter it will take you to get the license.

Learn how to renew your cosmetology license

Renewing a license is a regular process, which one has to complete in order to keep the license active. Most of the states require license holders to renew their cosmetology licenses every two years.

In addition, some states prefer online license renewing systems, while others accept paper applications. You can find more about the procedure of renewal on their official websites.

In the meantime, they also require the license holder to complete a particular continuing education course or hour. This is a major requirement without which you cannot renew the license.

There are also some states, which choose to take a safety and sanitation quiz instead of continuing education. Furthermore, some states skip this part and directly pass to the renewal process.

As a rule, the process is connected with paying fixed fees, submitting necessary paperwork, and completing all the steps properly. Thus, you must do everything carefully in order not to fail and let the license expire.

Costs associated with a cosmetology license

People always wonder how much money they will need to spend on this or that license. Compared to other license types, a cosmetology license is cheaper and easier to obtain. Nonetheless, there are still some fees to pay and some things to buy.

School fees

First and foremost, a student must select a good cosmetology school and graduate from it. Prices differ and it has to do with many factors. For example, the place you live, the teaching methods, as well as scholarship opportunities greatly influence the school tuition. The average cost you will need to pay is between $5000 and $15.000.

Licensure fees

As one may guess, applications and examinations also have fixed prices and you cannot move on unless you pay them.

Additional fees

The above-mentioned costs are not the end, as you will also need to spend some money on equipment, supplies, and materials. Those things are usually not cheap and cost a considerable amount of money.

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