License Plate Lookup

License Plate Lookup

Distinctive car numbers are not only for identification of specific means of transport and verification of its authorization, but they also contain valuable evidence about a vehicle. Besides people sometimes use them to conduct license plate lookup and obtain actual details on the car’s history.

Who can perform lookup?

There are various legal acts, for example, the Freedom of Information, that give people the right to access records organized by the government. As the data is collected and created by the payment of your taxes, you are considered to own it and have a right to access it.
So, it is legal to search for a plate unless you are trying to repossess personally identifiable information. To gain a permit for obtaining a record you have to show legitimate DPPA reasons for it.

Lookup is a mutually beneficial process for the residents and public institutions. When buying a pre-owned automobile residents may reveal its main specifications and real history, and not the one that the dealers are enthusiastically making up. Besides, the residents may also support the process of cutting down pre-owned car fraud and robberies of automobiles.

What information is accessible through the run?

The license plate runs provide such information as:

  • Title
  • Main specifications of the truck
  • Engagement in major accidents and natural disasters
  • Police report about the involvement in illegal actions
  • Inspection Report
  • Available public videos and photos
  • Current holder (if it is an individual or a business entity)

NOTE: The personal information of the owners is not available through the lookup as the governments follow federal laws of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). When requesting the record, you have to fill out a special form and show an acceptable reason to obtain it. This means that you may only get info on personal details of the holder if the government considers your reasons admissible․

Many online databases purchase, organize and sell material on tag numbers to their consumers. Everybody has a right to practice their services; however, pay attention to the sources they get data from. Make sure that data derives from national agencies and insurance companies. Moreover, review the privacy act to ensure that your DPPA reason is protected.

The safest way to receive placard info is to contact the division of Departments of transportation or the local police department.

How to find who owns a car through the search?

Various motives make someone search for the owner of a certain automobile. As we have already mentioned, only the ones who have legitimate DPPA reasons are allowed to perform owner searches. However, a part of the material may still be limited.
The first step towards the unveiling of the owner is having the tags numbers and the state of residency. Then you can apply to the accountable public agencies, perform a search by using online private databases or use the service of private investigators.

Application Procedure

Every state has a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or other transportation agency that is responsible for the license plate-related procedures. So, to apply for the tag you have to fill out the special application form and provide the following paperwork to DMV:

  • Completed application form
  • Past and Present owner’s names
  • Valid insurance
  • Photo ID or Driving permit
  • Proof of necessary payments

Each state has its own rules and regulations for registration. So, commonly speaking, it is possible to do it by mail, online, or by personally visiting a licensing agency.

Submit the required documents and wait for the arrival of your tags, validation sticker, and certification card. Usually, you are to receive them for two or three weeks. However, if you have not received them after a month, contact your local licensing company to check their status and request an extension for the temporary tags.

Placards will be sent to you by mail or you can get them from the licensing agency. The government requires either one or two placards to be displayed on the automobile.

If you bought a car from a dealership, the certified dealer will manage all the registration paperwork for you. He/she will collect your placards, registration payments, and taxes. Then you are to get your placards at the dealership. This will undoubtedly save time. In case of buying a truck from a private party, you will do all documentation by yourself.


The fees for motor vehicle authorization and title vary widely among counties. The title fee is considered a one-time fee and is calculated and paid by each owner when acquiring it. The costs for license plates vary a lot. Some regions offer many specialty and vanity tags that include increased payments.

Registration costs vary significantly from part to part. Many states measure a flat fee, while others pay attention to several metrics while utilizing the scale. For example, the states consider such factors as:

  • Weight
  • Value
  • Age
  • Taxable horsepower
  • Fuel efficiency and so on

What number tags are banned in the USA?

To avoid offending others, the DMV in the US has a right to ban certain tags. So, during their personalization, you have to follow the guidelines set by the government. You cannot use offensive or vulgar writings or any combination that relates to violence, drugs, and alcohol or refers to certain body parts. You are not allowed to use combinations that have already been chosen by municipal bodies or police.
There is a list of words that are considered offensive by the DMV. So, after applying for your preferred combination, you should wait for approval from the accountable institution.

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